Dr Iván Malagón - EN - Master COIP

Dr. Iván Malagón

  • Dentist, graduate from the Madrid Complutense University, 2002.
  • Specialist in orthodontics, orthopedics and maxillo-mandibular orthognathic surgery. University of Southern Mississippi Institution.
  • Unique dentist included among 40 most relevant doctors into "The Excellence of Medicine in Spain", published by LastWord Publishers.
  • Director of “Universitary Expert in orthodontics using clear aligners”, Universidad Alfonso X (Valencia – Spain).
  • Co-director of the “Invisalign Excellence Master Class” and “ Clear Ortho International program”.

Master COIP provides everything you need to become a fully qualified Invisalign® technique professional

  • DSD Scientific Board Member (DSD Masters) and DSD instructor. DSD / Ortho Specialist.
  • "Advantage Elite Club" member. Invisalign European Scientific Board.
  • "Invisalign Diamond Doctor" category, the highest category internationally awarded by Align Technology (Invisalign).
  • Teacher collaborator in University of Alcalá.
  • Unique specialist in Spain awarded the category "Invisalign Diamond Doctor" in its 6 editions (2012 - 2017).
  • First Preferred Provider with the Invisalign technique in Spain (2011 - 2017).
  • More than 1,700 cases treated exclusively with the Invisalign technique Align Technology (Invisalign) "Clinical Speaker" and "Study Club Speaker".