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Degree Orthodintics

Achieving a sub-specialization in orthodontics is a key breakthrough in your professional career. Thanks to Invisalign Master, you will become an Invisalign expert by developing the Invisalign technique.

Through its world-renowned experts Dr. Diego Pedro and Dr. Ivan Malagon, the Invisalign master allows you to achieve the Invisalign technique and renew your skills in just 3 days.

The lectures are organized in 3 days with a special focus for each Invisalign course. Clear objectives and an invaluable work setting will enrich you in terms of professional growth and interpersonal networking.

These are international courses, so they are taught in English.

During Day 1, the Invisalign master will focus on Invisalign + DSD + Complex Cases Presentation. Hot topics include:

  • Orthodontic biomechanics adapted to the invisalign technique
  • How to perform the best possible examinations to ensure success.
  • How to feel at ease when using the technique.
  • How to detect impossible movements and make the appropriate corrections.
  • Treatment of horizontal malocclusions. How to correctly develop dental arcades.
  • Invisalign i/ and Lite limits.

During day 2, the course will focus on Introduction to DSD planning adapted to training invisalign. Hot topics include:

  • Sequence of predictable movements. How to ensure expected results.
  • Identify priority movements.
  • What movements should be made simultaneously and which should be made individually.
  • Clinical protocol from the first appointment onwards, the importance of staff and the ideal protocol for future sessions.
  • Treatment combined with dental aesthetics.
  • How to make the correct torque adjustment to ensure perfect dental occlusion.

During day 3, the ortho course will focus on Communication and techniques to obtain the best results. Hot topics include:

  • Invisalign Teen.
  • Details and guidelines for clincheck review to ensure that anchorage is not lost.
  • Treatment of full class II cases with and without extration.
  • Lower distalization.
  • Extractions.
  • Bite openings.

The dates for this invisalign fundamentals course are November 2017 and March 2018. If you are available, do not hesitate to consider the Invisalign master for your career with our invisalign courses 2017 -2018. In a short period of time, you can learn the Invisalign technique and become an expert of the team invisalign Spain.

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